Using implantology, it is possible to accommodate the patient’s request for fixed dentures in the case of missing teeth. Here artificial tooth roots (implants) are inserted into the jaw by means of a fine screw thread. This results in a high initial stability. In several months, the implant connects to the surrounding bone (Osseointegration). The implant is then restored with crowns or other dental prosthetics.

Implants can improve your quality of life, the sensation to be able to eat again like with teeth of your own.

The possibilities range from single tooth restoration to the treatment of a gap, up to a complete denture that fits in a toothless jaw.

Implants can also serve as a “pillar augmentation” and thus help to ensure that actually removable dentures feel very comfortable and firm.

With no sufficient amount of endogenous bone, the jaw can usually be built up. (Bone augmentation) Here we use all common methods of bone augmentation with bone replacement materials and endogenous bone.

In general, there are no age restrictions for implantology.