Minimally invasive restorations and tooth preservation

Composite fillings

We use very high-quality composite in our practice. This composite meets the highest aesthetic demands, especially in the frontal tooth region. Due to its high abrasion resistance and long-term stability, aesthetically appealing results can also be achieved in the posterior region. In contrast, amalgam is less aesthetically appealing.

When using composite the adhesive process stabilizes the residual tooth substance and it is possible to work solely on defects. Therefore, this is gentle on the tooth substance. The cavity does not need to be made unnecessarily larger, as is the case when using amalgam. This minimizes the risk of fractures and promotes tooth preservation.

Ceramic inlays

Ceramic inlays are used for larger defects. Ceramic inlays can achieve a highly aesthetic and long-term stable result. Ceramic inlays are manufactured in a laboratory and perfectly match the natural teeth in shape and colour. Ceramics are also very well tolerated by allergy sufferers, are colour-stable and only wear out very slowly.